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Thank you for checking out my blog and hanging out with the girls!  To show my appreciation, here’s a QR code (that hopefully works) for a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon valid in stores.  Take a break, have fun, and splurge yourself with unnecessary but also very necessary items for your homes.

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Instead of tamagatchis, furbies, or pokemon cards, the new craze sweeping the nation are memes.  With all the technological advances you’d think the next big “thing” would be a real life space ship or flying cars that people could own, but hey it’s the little things that bring us joy- I guess in this case they come in the form of a very sarcastic and a little condescending picture on the Internet about issues that are only somewhat funny.  They bring us joy in the moment and help us get through the day, but don’t really do much in my opinion.  Still, people spend their day looking through the same picture (meme) or clip (gif) with a slight variation in text underneath it.  I mean, I’m not judging..whatever helps people get through their boring mundane days I suppose.  But I think this new craze is brought about not just because some of them are actually funny, but because people can relate to them and feel like they are apart of a community when they find others that can also find relevance.  The sense of knowing that someone is going through the same thing as you are or feeling the same way about an issue brings people together and lets them no that they are not alone in what they are going through.  It’s a sense of comfort and bringing people together through some tough times with a laugh and smile on their face.

With that said, I am a little riffed that a Girls meme doesn’t exist on yet, not going to lie.  Nonetheless, I have found some gifs and memes of our favorite girls to brighten up our day that we can all relate to.






Here’s their Tumblr for those of us who just can’t get enough or are just having a shitty day:


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Commonly Creative

Who would’ve thought that not everything on the Internet is copyrighted and images that we take don’t belong to us….  Just kidding nothing besides our inner most being and organs belong to us, and even for that we can’t take all the credit and have to thank our parents for.  So what’s so different from using and taking pictures, images, and videos off of the Internet?  Just because it’s there for us to share, and readily available for us always, doesn’t mean it will always be there for our disposable or that we have the right to, like, post it on our Facebook pages.

The picture I chose to use is the signature “Girls” screen that comes on at the beginning of every episode, as if to tell you “shit’s about to get real, so get your popcorn ready and watch the show.” I never would’ve thought it’d be safe to use but it is here for our enjoyment and use and I am a happy camper about this.

Upon finding the picture, I also wanted to search to see what cool songs and remixes I could find that would also add to my blog.  I was originally looking for a remixed version of “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn, which is one of the iconic songs in “Girls” and is featured on the soundtrack, but I found this cool mashup instead.  Enjoy!

Don’t worry, I’m not being illegal right now- because I would never do such a thing as break the law- but instead, I obtained the picture and remix that add to the aesthetic of my blog from the Creative Commons Search Engine.  They assure users that all their images, videos, and sound files are all copy righted and allowed to be used by the public.  It’s Favoring Fair Use because it is all for a nonprofit educational institution.  So remember next time, think before you link! Make sure everything you use on the Internet is safe!

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Hi friends!  If you love hanging out with The Girls- I mean honestly, who wouldn’t?- and you want another place to connect and socialize, look no further!  Your prayers are soon to be answered.  For all you Tweeters out there, you can go on and link up with each other using the hashtags #GIRLSGoneWild or #GirlsofGIRLS which would also be helping me promote my blog!  You guys can go on there and talk to each other about the latest episodes or just anything you have to say related to the blog or any of the girls.  Or for you creeps you can just join in or stalk from afar, whatever have you.  These tags could also work in the Instagram world where you can link pics with your tags to add a more creative flare.

It’s a tough world out there when you’re just a little blog trying to be the voice of the generation, or err, a blog of a generation, at least.  Thanks so much for the support!  Hope you have as much fun hanging out as we do!

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Are you a Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, or Jessa?

As if we didn’t already compare ourselves and friends even to the characters- although a part of me definitely wishes I was a Jessa, I’m pretty much and even mix between Hannah and Shoshanna- now we can spend time debating which color suits us better.  That’s right, the answer to all our prayers have been answered.  Or at least all of our materialistic, shallow prayers.

Deborah Lippman has recently worked with Lena to create a nail polish line specifically for our practically BFF’s and favorite characters of “Girls.”  Maybe you’re a Jessa but you’re feeling fun and flirty? No problem, you can switch it up and try on Shoshanna for the week with the complete set including colors: HANNAH Hapless Hunter Green, MARNIE Prim And Proper Pink, SHOSHANNA Virtuous Vivid Violet, JESSA Bohemian Burgundy.

Check it out here: 


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Nylon Screencast

Without further adieu or any further interruptions, I present my screencast:

Other than the fact that I’m extremely self conscious about my voice, I also found it somewhat difficult to talk to a computer…by myself…  First, I had to make sure I was home alone or some of my housemates might think I was crazy or for fear that they might intentionally try to distract me or cause any interruptions.  I couldn’t even swallow without it sounding so weird let alone any background noise but be distracting.  It was more difficult starting it than anything.  I had about 20 different introductions before I self selected which one I thought was the least creepy.  I couldn’t even count how many times I started over.  The hardest part is that it’s just straight talking for 5 minutes and you can’t stop to have a thought or else there’s a weird pause and you lose your place and then it just gets awkwardly silent.  I’m not one to talk in front of huge group of people or an audience (which is why I loathe presentations because I get really uncomfortable and either start stuttering or start rambling about nothing that makes sense and make everyone in the audience feel uncomfortable just watching me) and that is basically why I pretty much wrote out my entire speech after my 10th failed attempt.  I don’t know if this is something I’m supposed to admit or tell anyone, but whatever.  I also should probably take some public speaking courses but I would definitely have to be literally threatened and forced against my will before I end up in one.

And as for who I think would most value this skill of screencasting it would either be creepy gamer people or weird people on YouTube that pretty much have nothing better to do than to seem fancy and judge other people’s blogs (no offense).  I just don’t get what’s the big deal, I mean it’s helpful for instructional videos, but other than that I don’t think any one actually values my opinions or cares about what I, or anyone else thinks, unless they’re maybe Oprah or Ellen or Justin Timberlake.


Dancing on My Silver Lining

This blog should not cause me this must stress as it already has.  I really didn’t understand how to work any of this technology- as I explained before I’m not very good at the internet or have good tech savvy skills, if not any- so it was pretty much close to impossible for me to try and make a commercial.  I’m also really uncomfortable with my voice and the way it sounds so that was kind of an uphill battle that I had to face and conquer all by myself.  High fives all around.

Other than having and getting through my own trials and tribulations, figuring out which songs to put together and how to cut them and face them into each other- when I finally figured out how to.  The song I used for the intro was “Silver Lining” by Rilo Kiley and my outro song I used was “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn.  Not only so I really love these songs, but these songs have also played during significant scenes in “Girls”.  They symbolize just what the show is about and how it incorporates with their lives so I thought it’d be a perfect fit to put them together.