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Who would’ve thought that not everything on the Internet is copyrighted and images that we take don’t belong to us….  Just kidding nothing besides our inner most being and organs belong to us, and even for that we can’t take all the credit and have to thank our parents for.  So what’s so different from using and taking pictures, images, and videos off of the Internet?  Just because it’s there for us to share, and readily available for us always, doesn’t mean it will always be there for our disposable or that we have the right to, like, post it on our Facebook pages.

The picture I chose to use is the signature “Girls” screen that comes on at the beginning of every episode, as if to tell you “shit’s about to get real, so get your popcorn ready and watch the show.” I never would’ve thought it’d be safe to use but it is here for our enjoyment and use and I am a happy camper about this.

Upon finding the picture, I also wanted to search to see what cool songs and remixes I could find that would also add to my blog.  I was originally looking for a remixed version of “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn, which is one of the iconic songs in “Girls” and is featured on the soundtrack, but I found this cool mashup instead.  Enjoy!

Don’t worry, I’m not being illegal right now- because I would never do such a thing as break the law- but instead, I obtained the picture and remix that add to the aesthetic of my blog from the Creative Commons Search Engine.  They assure users that all their images, videos, and sound files are all copy righted and allowed to be used by the public.  It’s Favoring Fair Use because it is all for a nonprofit educational institution.  So remember next time, think before you link! Make sure everything you use on the Internet is safe!


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